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The KNESS team took part in a rally for the renewable energy

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Visiting KNESS: discussion of the Development Strategy of Vinnytsia region

On July 24, the KNESS PV plant hosted an event “Transition to the “green economy” with the support of education and science” formed by series of expert discussions on the priority areas of development of the promising Vinnytsia city amalgamated territorial community.

The possibilities of the “green economy” were discussed at the event. The green economy is low-carbon, cost-effective and socially inclusive. In the green economy, employment and income growth are driven by public and private investment in economic activities, infrastructure and assets that reduce carbon emissions and pollution, increase energy and resource efficiency, and prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The green economy paradigm is in line with KNESS’s values ​​and business principles. It is pleasant to realize that the city is also choosing a vector for moving towards a low-carbon, cost-effective and socially inclusive space.

KNESS’s CEO Serhii Shakalov told the participants of the discussion how the “green economy” principle is implemented in the KNESS Group.

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