KNESS Group’s basic principles are
Efficiency and validity

The main focus of KNESS Group's procurement activities is to create and maintain a healthy competitive environment

KNESS strictly adheres to all applicable legal requirements and international business standards and builds its activities on the principles of free competition and market relations.

All the KNESS Group’s procurement initiatives are aimed at the constant expansion of the participants number in tender procedures to find reliable suppliers and develop transparent long-term cooperation.

We inform that all principal procurements are carried out through the electronic trading platform SmartTender in the format of an open tender in order to ensure full disclosure and transparency of the procurement procedure for goods and services, equal competitive conditions and non-discrimination for all potential suppliers, to simplify and improve the procurement process and with a purpose of making it more comfortable for all participants.

Requirements for suppliers
  • Impeccable business reputation (verified by the Security Department of KNESS Group)
  • Financial stability, which is determined by liquidity ratio, financial resources capacity, capital status, debt repayment capacity, solvency
  • Readiness to work with payments delay for one week from the delivery date if necessary
  • Use of advanced technologies and modern materials
  • Клиентоориентированность и гибкость – потенциальный поставщик проявляет готовность найти компромиссные взаимовыгодные условия для создания долгосрочных партнерских отношений
  • Customer-oriented approach and flexibility – the potential supplier is willing to find compromise, mutually beneficial conditions for long-term partnerships
  • Compliance with the stated procurement criteria: the potential supplier guarantees the delivery of the procurement subject in the declared quality
  • Optimal delivery terms – the potential supplier has an extensive representative network and is ready to provide the necessary delivery terms of the procurement subject, and expendables if necessary
  • Favorable conditions of warranty and service if necessary
  • Оптимальный уровень цен и приемлемых условий оплаты – предложение предмета закупки необходимого качества с максимальной экономической выгодой для компании-заказчика, готовность снизить цену для оптовых закупок
  • Free training of KNESS staff, if the subject of the procurement is equipment, machinery, systems, software, etc.
Anti-corruption clause

In accordance with the Company's Corporate Code, the Conflict of Interest Management Policy and the Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy, we:

  • severely stop corruption, bribery and fraud within the company
  • do not accept gifts or participate in activities that may affect business decisions
  • counteract conflicts of interest that can lead to financial and reputational damage

It is possible to consult the list of current procurements carried out by our company and take part directly on the SmartTender electronic trading platform.


All suppliers of commercial bidding work for free on the tender site.




(Call us free from mobile and landline phones):

0800 306 878

Proposals related to the procurement process:

If you have become aware of the facts of violations in the process of organizing and conducting tender procedures, please inform:

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