Accounting &
Forecast system

A comprehensive solution for SPP accounting and forecasting
PV Forecast
  • Providing meteorological parameters forecast from several sources for each solar power plant location (Meteo Soft).
  • Storing meteorological parameters forecasts on secure Cloud Storage with mirror sites.
  • Development, operation and improvement of software for collecting and storing the latest information on SPP maintenance service (Service Soft).
  • Service data storage on secure Cloud Storage with mirror sites.
  • Development and improvement of software for SPP generation forecasting that uses artificial intelligence to process information on meteorological parameters and service data (Forecast Soft).
  • Збереження прогнозів генерування ФЕС на надійному Cloud Storage з дзеркалами
  • Application of software for submission and updating SPP generation forecasts to a Guaranteed Buyer (Distribution Soft).
  • Artificial intelligence education for every single plant considering its features.
  • Responsibility for correctness of SPP forecasts submission

Use of artificial intelligence in KNESS Forecast allows to improve accuracy of SPP generation forecasts, increasing plant operational lifeline. Margin of error in forecast system for a new plant is about 18-20%, to forecast SPP generation on the next day. Adjustment of forecasted schedule allows to decrease the margin of error to 9-12%

Operation algorithm
Collection of meteorological parameters Meteo Soft
Data collection on Service Meteo Soft
SPP forecasting Forecast Soft
Forecasts submission to GB Distribution Soft
Commercial electricity metering
  • Instructions of maintenance of automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption are executed according to requirements of Electrical Installation Regulations, Electrical Safety Regulations:
  • Daily remote reading of metering instruments, processing of indexes and submission of listed drafts to related subjects (regional power distribution company), local offices of Private Join-Stock Company “NPС UKRENERGO” (PP), MMS platform, SC “Guaranteed Buyer”:

    • 30818 (counters data at the end of the day);
    • 30917 (half-hour schedule of production per day, kW per hour);
    • 30817 (hourly schedule of production per day, kW per hour, MW per hour);
    • 10011 (forecasted production for the next day for PP);

  • Daily actual data upload to MMS platform

  • Upload of forecasted volumes “one day in advance” to SC “Guaranteed Buyer” server.
  • Submission of data to ІОК of Chief operator through the Internet by means of VPN technology with the use of set of protocols IPSec in Site-to-Site Tunnel mode.
  • Packet encryption to be performed according to AES standard with 256-bit key length.
  • Preparing of electricity indexes reconciliation acts for every third of month in billing month.
  • Preparing of certificate on the electricity production and supply in billing month, signing and submitting of verified data to Private Join-Stock Company “NPС UKRENERGO”.
  • Loading to MMS system daily validated data of electricity commercial accounting as regular release of version 2 for all days of billing month.
  • Obtaining and checking main and adjustment acts from SC “Guaranteed Buyer”.
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