Podilskiy Energoconsulting

Since 2019
General contracting company on designing and construction of renewable power facilities and distribution grids
The company performs designing and construction of power facilities for electricity supply companies and industrial enterprises, distribution grids facilities of national and local relevance with voltage from 10 kW to 750 kW. A comprehensive implementation of solar power projects has been the main activity vector since 2012. Since 2016 it has been performing EPC-contract (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) in solar power industry.

KNESS Construction

Since 2016
ЕРС-contractor: design and construction of solar power plants
Since 2016 it has been executing construction and assemblage, adjustment works, connection to the grid and commissioning of solar power plants.

KNESS Service

Since 2015
Company on power facilities comprehensive operation and maintenance
The company provides “O&M” service (Operation and Maintenance) – a comprehensive solution for industrial solar power plants and distribution substations that provide their continuous, secure and maximally efficient operation. The service includes facilities’ technical audit, operation and dispatch, operation and maintenance management.


Since 2015
Production of the equipment for the renewable energy sector: centralized inverter stations, electrical equipment, metal structures
Since 2015 the company has been producing stationary steel structures for pv modules, mounting structures for substation equipment, junction boxes and frame module constructions. Since 2016 it has been executing a mass production of centralized inverter equipment for industrial solar power plants. KNESS RnD Center’s developments are used in production.

KNESS RnD Center

Since 2017
Center of innovative and technical developments in the RES industry
Performs system researches in engineering, experimental engineering developments in the renewable power sector, and technical testing.
Since 2019
Company-supplier of electricity including the renewable sources
Integrator of the most innovative products trading electricity from “green” power producers, supplies/trades electricity on В2В, В2С and Р2Р markets, arranges balance groups and microgrids, battery energy storage complex operator. It is the single point contact for customers regarding the interaction with all the entities of the electricity market.
Since 2021
KNESS Polska is KNESS’s representative office in Poland.
The company provides a wide range of services in the Polish market, in particular, on the terms of EPC-contract, implements industrial solar power plants, power facilities for own consumption, and offers a range of services for maintenance and forecasting the generation of SPP.
KNESS Group also includes KNESS Estate – a company-owner of production facilities of pv modules, as well as a number of SunVin Group of companies.
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