KNESS Mission

  • Provide access to clean energy for everyone
  • Reduce influence of power industry on global ecological changes by decarbonization
KNESS Values
Innovations are our key to success
KNESS’s priorities are introduction and creation of the newest technologies, applying the most advanced modern developments.
Honesty, reliability and constant quality assurance
People’s awareness of our actions, goals and values, of responsibility for every word and action form our reputation. In our work we rely on European guidelines of doing business.
Opportunities for everyone
We inspire our employees and provide them with all opportunities to put into life their ambitious goals and keep the highest standards.
Sustainable development
Development with no damage to the future
Everything we do today should make positive effect on life quality of the future generations.
Socially responsible company
We focus our forces, knowledge and resources on broadly defined clean energy development, investing into people’s and nature’s clean energy. We support and develop projects in education, sport and ecology sectors.
The team
Common goals and actions
We believe that team’s result is always bigger than the total result sum of each team member
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