Clean and affordable electricity able to change the quality of our air for the best, stop global climate changes and open new opportunities for everyone. KNESS Group focuses its forces, knowledge and resources on broadly defined clean energy development, investing into people’s and nature’s clean energy. We support and develop projects in education, sports and ecology sectors.

We are the generation that saw global changes with our very eyes. Climate changes caused by human activity, and change of power sources aimed to avert or at least retard natural disasters.

We are a group of companies that operates on advanced technology in an industry new for the world – the renewable power industry. Clean energy has the key value for humankind existing, it has great potential for improving people’s lives quality all over the world.

Area of responsibility of our group of companies
Taking part in creation of new power architecture and providing a new, never seen before, level of power availability.
Our mission
Introduce civilizational changes, promote power industry decarbonization and provide people with access to clean energy that saves the world.
Within its corporate social responsibility, KNESS:
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