Visiting KNESS: discussion of the Development Strategy of Vinnytsia region
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The KNESS team took part in a rally for the renewable energy

On July 21, the KNESS team defended their right to work, develop and have the opportunities on a peaceful rally for renewable energy. This is only the first step out of the crisis, and another on the path to energy independence. There is still a lot of hard work ahead, a lot of changes. The industry will develop, people will work, Ukraine will continue to move towards  100% renewable.

 More than 200 KNESS employees left their jobs for one day and gathered near the walls of the Verkhovna Rada not for the sake of the law, but to say: “There are many of us and we cannot be ignored.”

RES in Ukraine have long ceased to be something imaginary that awaits “sometime in the future.” This is the present. It is a powerful industry that has created thousands of jobs in dozens of enterprises, it is modern factories, it is the latest developments and production of equipment, the added value of which remains in Ukraine. Many of them have mastered new professions not only for themselves but for Ukraine in general. They produce photovoltaic modules, assemble inverters, develop energy storage systems, design renewable power plants, service SPPs and daily bring our country closer to the future that each of us dreams of: technological, comfortable, safe.

They do care. They are building Ukraine they want to live in and be proud of. And they cannot be ignored.

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