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SunTimes magazine is now available online

“We are used to doing more than expected. Therefore, instead of the usual corporate catalog, we decided to create a real magazine.

SUN TIMES by KNESS is not just about the Sun, it is also about opportunities, discoveries and ideas,” said

Yuliia Moldakhovska, Head of Corporate Communications and Editor-in-Chief of the SunTimes Magazine.

Two years ago the first issue of the publication about the Sun and solar people of the future called SunTimes was published. From its pages without embellishment and excessive pathos, leading specialists, experts, innovators and dreamers talk about what they do and what they believe in.  There are bright people, events and thoughts, specialists, inspired and proud of their work and vision of the future on each page. And  now SunTimes – a unique magazine about the Sun is available online:

With this magazine and all the activities of the KNESS Group, we strive to create an ecosystem of like-minded people in the development of new energy – the energy of the future, in research and implementation of new technologies, in achieving energy independence and energy availability. This is a magazine for those who think with us in the same direction, those who are ready to invest time and inspiration to make the sunny times come faster – SUN TIMES.

With each issue, the magazine develops and is replenished with new original ideas, characters and themes. There is already the news that will be useful to anyone interested in the energy of the future, research and implementation of new technologies, energy independence and energy availability. And in the “Archive SUNTIMES” you can download previous issues of the magazine.

If you have new ideas, solutions or suggestions, write to [email protected] and join the community of those who believe in the energy of the future and create it with their own hands!

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