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Provision of commercial electricity metering services

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KNESS Energy, being part of the KNESS Group, is a licensed electricity supplier and trader, organizer of balancing groups, and a certified provider of electricity forecasting and commercial metering services.

Today, we would like to dwell on commercial metering services. 

KNESS Energy team provides metering for more than a hundred companies. The total capacity of power facilities is 1341 MW. The total number of metering points is more than 3000.

This service includes:

Administration of the automated commercial electricity metering system (ASCEM). This is the daily remote reading of commercial metering data, its processing and transmission to market participants, and uploading data to the MMS platform. This is data archiving. Preparing reconciliation acts every ten days and monthly electricity generation and supply acts for the billing month. Remote adjustment of data transmission devices.

Maintenance of the ASCEM:

  • diagnostics, re-equipment, and replacement of all devices and units; updating and remote support of display and monitoring systems for operators;
  • routine maintenance, prompt restoration of system performance;
  • warranty and post-warranty service;
  • providing information support.


  • development and approval of design solutions of ASCEM;
  • installation, adjustment, and industrial commissioning of the ASCEM;
  • submitting and updating applications for load reduction in automatic mode to the restriction management system (RMS);
  • calculating the amount of undersupplied electricity due to the TSO dispatcher’s command to curtail the generation of PV and wind farms;
  • introducing a reference-generating unit at a PVPP.
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