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Employees of the KNESS Service’s Dispatch Center are aware of every kilowatt-hour generated by solar power plants and the operation of equipment at all facility’s levels.

The dispatch center monitors the operation of more than 1.4 GW of solar power plants throughout Ukraine around the clock. A team of dispatchers remotely manages more than a hundred power generation facilities in real time 24/7 using the PV.SCADA software package, which is an in-house development of our RnD Center. PV.SCADA reads and transmits data on the equipment status, technical parameters that affect electricity generation and which can be used to assess whether the PV plant is operating in an optimal mode. Some software modules in PV.SCADA are based on artificial intelligence. This comprehensively impacts the accuracy and efficiency of work in analyzing and forecasting generation.

The Dispatch Center’s team:

  • carries out round-the-clock monitoring of solar stations (the facilities’ operational scheme is displayed in real time and is constantly under the control of dispatchers);
  • performs operational measures to ensure optimal performance for the efficient operation of the facilities – identifies deficiencies in the equipment operation and promptly informs the responsible persons on site; 
  • interacts with DSOs/TSOs (distribution system operator/transmission system operator) to perform operational switches in compliance with the requirements of the applicable regulatory documents;
  • performs organizational measures for the safe performance of maintenance work;
  • localizes emergency and technological malfunctions at the facilities under maintenance;
  • ensures optimal operation of the solar station in terms of the ratio of active/reactive power;
  • archives and analyzes the technical parameters of the solar power plant to improve systemic measures in terms of facility maintenance.
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