Hardtalk: Renewables in details
KNESS is in the part of Ukrainian delegation in Denmark

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KNESS at the children's festival "Misto Profesii"

A large-scale recruitment for the position of a “power engineer” has recently taken place in KNESS. The only requirement for employees is to be aged from 3 to 17 years!

The KNESS team took part in the national children’s festival “Misto Profesii” and created a miniature city of the Sun for the curious little kids! The autonomous city is powered by solar energy thanks to the solar panels and the energy storage station they charge. So the children watched with their own eyes how the solar panels, battery, transformer and distribution grids work. And even more! Small power engineers personally managed the city’s energy system.

“Misto Profesii” is a unique event that forms a new generation of conscious, confident and progressive people of the future!

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