Head of KNESS Energy Serhii Kravchuk at the First National Forum “RELOCATION”
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Company Visit to KNESS


Representatives of the Business People Club, Successful Youth Сlub, and the Ukrainian Platform Women in Business attended KNESS.

Despite the air raid siren, even in the bomb shelter, experienced and young entrepreneurs communicated with KNESS’s co-owner Ivan Vekirchyk.

Lively discussion of energy issues, technology, partnership, values, and management experience, including during crises, restoration, and development of the Ukrainian future — all these once again prove the invincibility of Ukrainians.

The co-owner of KNESS talked about the history of the company’s establishment and why it is more effective to pursue the goal together as a team, mentioning values and principles in work have been unshakable since the company’s foundation.

“For us, a person and a team are the greatest values. Everything depends on the team. We spend at least 8 hours of our time at work, and when you are surrounded by people who are constantly developing, learning, and passionate about ideas, that all motivate you to improve yourself unweariedly. Another value that is very important in business is reputation. This is what people think and know about you; it is about the quality of your services and products, compliance with agreements, deadlines, etc. Reputation is crucial for international partnership,” Ivan Vekirchyk noted.

Viktor Palamarchuk, KNESS Energy’s representative, spoke regarding the effective management of the enterprise’s energy balance and how it is possible to save on electricity consumption and be more energy independent in the current conditions.

It is valuable that there are more and more entrepreneurs and business people of the new generation, open and proactive in Ukraine. Thank you for staying on course for development and a common Ukrainian innovative future.

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