KNESS and singer Ruslana urged Europeans to move on to clean energy
LCC “Podilskiy Energoconsulting” has successfully passed Achilles international audit!

A milestone event for the Ukrainian agribusiness and a special KNESS project!

A formal start-up of Ukraine’s biggest photovoltaic power plant in Dolynske, with peak output of 2.27 MW, took place on 22 May.

The PV power plant was installed on 10 roofs of Dolynske farm, which is a part of Agroproduct Ltd. PV power plants will generate about 2.745 mln kW*h annually, and will reduce CO2 emissions in the amount of 2,700 tons/year. Through the use of solar cell panels, the company will save a significant amount of electricity without any harm to the environment.

”The trend of using solar power plants on industrial building roofs has been gaining ground in Ukraine recently. This is due to many reasons, including energy self-sufficiency, reliable investments and, of course, consciousness,” commented Andrii Kalinovskyi, KNESS Business Roof Head. “As the new generation people understand the harm power generation from traditional sources has caused to the environment, they are keen to make their contribution in bringing to our country the future with its harmless and efficient technologies”.

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