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KNESS PV became the first national industrial producer of PV modules in Ukraine

On the fifth of February the KNESS PV plant was run into work – the first widescale industrial production of the  PV modules  for solar power plants (PVPP) in Ukraine. Its production capacity is 200 MW, another 200 MW will be added at the start of the second stage of production during 2019.

The design of equipment installed at the plant was carried out by the National Institute of the People’s Republic of China, one of the world’s leading renewable energy technology centers. According to the project, the production lines of the plant allow the production of various types of modern framed and frameless 60 and 72 cells PV modules of “glass-glass” type . Their nominal capacity – from 270 to 370 W. All PV modules technical characteristics correspond to the world’s highest requirements, which makes it possible to distribute  KNESS PV products outside the country as well. Every work shift from the conveyors of the plant will go up to 600 PV modules. Scope of application: domestic, commercial and industrial solar power plants.

“The launch of the KNESS PV plant is a significant event as well, because with the start of Ukrainian PV modules production Ukraine will have 100% of its own PV power plant  main components,” says Sergii SHAKALOV, CEO of KNESS Group. – It puts us in a row with developed countries that have declared the course on the transition to renewable energy and are actively developing this sector. It is also a matter of energy security of the country. 

The opening of KNESS PV plant in Vinnytsia creates 120 new workplaces, more than 50 people would be involved in the technical development sector, logistics, sales and distribution of products.

Prior to the plant launching , KNESS Group was consistently implementing a strategy of achieving 100% production of major components for PvPP. From 2015, KNESS manufactures metal constructions and electrical equipment for renewable energy and distribution networks. Since 2016, the manufacturing company of the group started the line production of inverter equipment. As of the beginning of 2019, the equipment with a total capacity of 406 MW was manufactured and installed. The commissioning of the KNESS PV plant makes it possible to talk about Ukraine as a manufacturer of 100% components for the solar energy sector.

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