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FOG Solution by KNESS - experience of usage by an enterprise

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For over a year “Vinpromholod” facility has been using the FOG solution by KNESS- effective electricity management with RES.

So, which products and services fall into the scope of this solution? A solar station with a peak power of 216 kW was installed on the roof of the Vinnytsia facility, which was integrated into the internal electrical grid. On average, the enterprise consumes more than 20% of its electricity needs from its own generation source; the other part is obtained from the external grid and is supplied by KNESS Energy. The company’s specialists also provide consulting services on optimizing the daily electricity consumption schedule in order to minimize electricity costs. The range of services covers operational and technical maintenance and operational and dispatching management of the solar power plant performed by KNESS Service. Such a comprehensive approach significantly simplifies the “life” of the facility since it ensures optimal integration of electrical energy from the solar power plant into the energy balance of the facility, which makes it feasible to save on electricity consumption and makes it possible to be more energy independent.

“We are a facility engaged in responsible food storage. Consequently, we own large freezer warehouses, and a solar power plant was installed on the roof of one of such storages. We consume a significant amount of electricity for cold “production,” and thanks to our own generation, we obtained approximately 235 thousand kWh of clean energy per year. We are totally aware that a solar power plant has its own electricity production features. The formation of the facility’s energy balance is ensured by the electricity supplier, who forms the optimal volume of electricity purchase from the external grid, taking into account the existing solar power plant. Besides, the efficient operation of the power plant is ensured by the service company due to the constant monitoring of the condition of its main equipment. In the future, we are also planning to increase the capacity of the power plant and build an energy storage facility for energy transfer so that the generated energy can also be used at night. This will ensure maximum coverage of our own consumption schedule.

Currently, in the conditions of an acute electricity shortage and an increase in its cost, the solar power plant has become a tool for increasing energy independence, uninterrupted power supply, continuity of the technological process of providing services, and resulting in electricity cost reduction.

The saved funds make it possible to invest in the company’s development; for example, we launched another service – shock freezing of berries. This service made the company more competitive in the market. The facility’s responsible operation at such a time, the fulfillment of commitments owed to employees and the state accelerates our joint Victory, so we help the country and keep on developing!” – said Anatolii Dahnovskyi, head of “Vinpromholod” LLC.

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