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Head of KNESS Energy Serhii Kravchuk at the First National Forum “RELOCATION”

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Students of Ukrainian Leadership Academy visited KNESS


More than 60 ULA students visited KNESS to talk to the CEO and learn more about renewable energy.

We all want to foresee the future so much, to find out what it will be like…

Recently, we had the opportunity to lift the veil on our country’s future, having talked with its creators — intelligent, active, motivated youth from all corners of Ukraine, students of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy. Our guests asked reasonable questions and, most importantly, received practical answers.

With the CEO of KNESS, Sergii Shakalov, guests discussed the challenges and the future of Ukraine’s energy system, sustainability and energy independence, company management, crisis management, and the development of ideas. As well as talked about freedom in all its manifestations.

As for how the country’s power system works as a whole, how electricity is generated from solar power plants, what energy storage systems are, and why the power system needs them — spoke Technical Director of KNESS Service, Viktor Terletskyi.

We were pleased to share knowledge, experience, and our own motivation to work every day, come up with ideas, look for solutions to solve existing problems, and create new technologies to benefit the future.

And it was even more pleasant to hear the students’ impressions of the meeting.

“I have never thought that renewable energy is so interesting” – said Romana.

“KNESS has been a discovery for me and a great example of a company that has its own values and adheres to them. At the meeting, I somehow debunked stereotypes about the energy field and its operation. Finally, the way employees spoke about the company at the meeting was extremely inspiring: they are passionate about what they do. For me, this yet again proves that Ukrainian companies are outstanding” – said Natalka.

We appreciate proactive and passionate youth because they will create future, strong, free and independent Ukraine.

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