Energy Meeting 1. Interaction of traditional and renewable energy sectors in Ukraine.
Energy Meeting 3. The future of energy production.

Solar generation center formed in Bar district

The outstanding completion of the autumn season! On 18 November 2016, the formal opening of a new Balky PV Power Plant with an output of 7 MW took place with its activation in real-time mode!

“A generation center was formed in Bar district, which consists of active PVS: Bar PV Power Plant with the output of 6.05 MW, Verkhivka PV Power Plant with the output of 2.8 MW, and a series of new PV power plants that are currently under construction., The total output of the center will reach 21.86 MW by the end of 2016,” said KNESS Director Serhii Shakalov.

In 2016, Vinnytsia Region is among the leaders in the implementation of green power industry and in the number of PV power plants built and commissioned. This achievement is mainly owing to KNESS.

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