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PV.SCADA is a unique tool for monitoring and managing solar generation

PV.SCADA is a unique tool for monitoring and managing solar generation.

This is a multifunctional software system that makes it possible for the KNESS Service team to manage more than 1 GW of power generation facilities in real time and monitor their performance around the clock, minimizing any risks of generation loss.

The system has a number of unique, specialized features and analysis methods using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to enable operators to make proper decisions on plant management, improving its efficiency during operation, etc. For example, the function of automated execution of operational commands to unload the plant according to the power balance, in accordance with the terms of the agreement of the service provider to reduce the load of RES, as well as voltage level regulation through consumption/generation of reactive power on inverter equipment is integrated into PV.SCADA.

The software tool as a whole makes it possible:

– for our dispatch center to manage more than 100 solar stations in Ukraine as quickly, efficiently, and qualitatively as possible. 

– for the owner of a solar station to control the facility’s generation at any time and in any place via a smartphone or other gadget.

PV.SCADA is a development of our RnD team, which is constantly working to improve and modernize the software product. Ukrainian engineers are systematically improving the existing functionality and working on the implementation of new software modules based on artificial intelligence, which we will dwell upon later.

Learn more about the software package in the video.

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