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Cisolar 2019 - the 8th Solar Energy Conference

On April 16, KNESS took part in the main event of the Ukrainian solar energy industry once again – the Forum and the CISOLAR exhibition. There are more than 450 participants representing large business and medium and small business companies, foreign partners and investors, as well as everyone who works and develops in the RES sector.

At the 8th CISOLAR Solar Energy Conference 2019 in Kyiv, industry experts discussed not only the promising opportunities for the development of solar energy in Ukraine, but also revealed the risks that stand in the way of the effective development. There was also a draft of a new strategy that will be aimed at achieving 100% renewable energy, including solar, in the overall energy balance of Ukraine.

“We need a strategy that will unite business, society and the country. 100% RES is our big goal. This is what is really important. It is a long way, impossible without joint coordinated action of business, the country and society. The first steps include Doctrine, Vision, Roadmap. Everything else is a tactic. Now everyone is running the Sprint on this path, and it is necessary to run the Marathon”, – CEO of KNESS Serhii Shakalov determined the direction of the industry.

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