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Innovative approach. Manufacturing of PV mounting structures

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We are keeping abreast of innovation, developing, and moving forward


Digitalization, automation of technological processes in the renewable energy sector, forecasting electricity generation from solar power plants, and preventing equipment failure at power facilities owing to artificial intelligence-based software systems. These are not futurologists’ fictions or even tomorrow’s reality – they are the realities of today. The RES generation forecasting system has already been implemented in the PV.SCADA software system and in the PV Forecast module of our development, which are already operating and helping to develop RES. The basis of forecasting is data and time series science. This topic was the subject of a meeting aimed at the experience exchange of qualified software solution development teams, namely specialists from а-Gnostics company and our RnD team developers of automated process systems. The teams focused on new aspects of time series analysis, design, and the importance of features, model evaluation, validation, metrics, etc. We thank the а-Gnostics team for the valuable experience and productive 3 days of innovative collaboration.

Innovative approach, turning ideas into actual products, testing, checking the ‘viability’ of methods and algorithms, expanding the horizons in the functionality of software solutions in the RES sector, improving existing technologies, building expertise, and sharing experience. This is all about the constant development of our RnD team. We are keeping abreast of innovation, developing, and moving forward.

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