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PV.SICH by KNESS: autonomous mobile solar station with electricity storage system

KNESS specialists have developed an autonomous mobile solar power station PV.Sich 3000/300 in order to power facilities with unavailable or inaccessible centralized electricity supply.

Mobile solar station with an electricity storage system is designed to power electrical appliances with a total capacity of up to 3 kW and is available for usage anywhere and anytime.

An all-purpose and effective solution that meets the “core” needs – makes it possible to simultaneously energize several powerful devices or entire settlements.

The station’s capacity is enough to meet the critical electricity needs of the household or infrastructure facilities. For example, for a medical facility such vital needs may be the lighting of the examination room, a refrigerator for storing medications or some medical equipment. For a private household that could be a pumping station, refrigerator, etc.

  • Easily transported –arranged on a wheeled base with the possibility of transportation by a car.
  • Easy to use –disassembled/assembled in 2 minutes by one person and is ready for connection immediately after switching on.
  • Easy to operate – no special knowledge required.
  • Full autonomy –in this mode the station works from one hour of autonomous operation to round-the-clock power supply, depending on the number and power of devices connected to it.
  • Quality of electric current – makes it possible to connect any consumers (devices, equipment, etc.).
  • Versatility– any electrical appliances with a total capacity of up to 3 kW may be connected.
  • Endurance and self-sufficiency –if necessary batteries may be charged not only from solar panels, but also from the grid or generator.
  • Can be used in diffused light, in light shading, but it is important to realize that the energy will be less than in direct sunlight.

Main technical specifications

Capacity of photovoltaic modules – 6×370 W;

Maximum charge current of accumulator battery – 60 A;

Accumulator voltage – 2×12 V;

Battery capacity – 300 A*h;

Maximum power of the inverter – 3,2 kW;

Output voltage of the inverter – 220 V.

Operational life:

The average battery charge time with unshaded panels is 6 hours in summer, 7 hours in spring, 11 hours in autumn and 15 hours in winter.

The effective capacity of the complete batteries is 3.6 kWh.

Battery capacity without recharging will be enough for approximately a few days of refrigerator operation, three hours of electric drill operation or to boil 30 liters of water in an electric kettle.

Already now PV.Sich is a tool that can be used for civilian needs (households, construction crews, medical centers, etc.).

Currently, KNESS engineers are working on another version of the PV.Sich installation specifically for the needs of Ukrainian Defenders. The version is modernized on the basis of the feedback as the results of military tests of the installation in the potential application environment – permanent deployment points and in the field.

 How to order?

Production of the mobile solar station is carried out by prior order.

PV.Sich may have different configurations, according to customer needs (larger capacity of inverter, additional connectors for devices etc.).

To order PV.Sich 3000/300 or to learn more leave an inquiry by the link “Pre-order”


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