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PV power generation forecasting

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PV power generation forecasting algorithm


KNESS forecasting system makes forecasts of the PV power plants generation in the time range from 2 hours to 7 days in advance. Our team is constantly working on upgrading the system to improve forecast accuracy.  Currently, KNESS Energy provides forecasting services for 160 PV power plants with a total capacity of 1030 MW.

What is the algorithm of our PV power generation forecasting system?

– Meteo Soft: collecting meteorological parameters from several sources of forecast data. 

– Service Soft: collecting data on operational and technological maintenance of PV power plants.

– Forecast Soft: processing forecast data and, consequently, forming a forecast generation schedule using software based on artificial intelligence. 

– Distribution Soft: forecasts transmission to the restriction management system, the party responsible for the balance, and/or directly to the market operator’s platform.

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