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KNESS at WindEnergy Hamburg

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KNESS together with representatives of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association is attending one of the largest wind energy and hydrogen technology events in Europe — WindEnergy Hamburg. The event brought together equipment manufacturers, developers, scientists, investors in the renewables market, representatives of authorities, and industry associations from more than 40 countries.

RES development is a demand of time. The energy crisis caused by the war, issues of energy independence, security – all this prompts us to look for opportunities, develop solutions and act to accelerate the energy transition.

It is crucial that even in war conditions, representatives of Ukraine along with other world leaders of the industry, present their solutions, experience, and expertise, exchange visions of the industry development, and at the same time study new technologies of the wind energy sector for the implementation of international experience for rebuilding Ukraine and creating investment-friendly conditions for the country’s development in the perspective.

“Despite systematic challenges, the complexity of new realities, the world of innovations is developing rapidly — existing technologies are being upgraded, new ones are being created, on the basis of which solutions aimed at achieving an ecological and safe future are already working. This idea is confirmed by the results of the industry event WindEnergy, which in a way became a platform for presentations of innovations, the latest developments, and solutions in wind energy, discussions of short-term and long-term plans, and innovative ideas. The highlights of the event are the following:

  • a significant interest is focused on the development of offshore (sea-based) wind energy, which has significant technical, economic, and social potential;
  •  new approaches to the implementation of wind projects are being introduced, in particular with the use of artificial intelligence, modifications of electrical and installation equipment for wind energy facilities;
  • in order to avoid impact on the ecosystem, radars and ultrasonic sensors are currently being developed and implemented, which track the movement of birds and scare them away to change the movement path;
  • the international expert community determines the need to develop hydrogen technologies, however, there are many challenges in this direction that must be overcome in order to fully develop the industry. In particular, the search for the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly technologies for hydrogen transportation is going on,” noted Yevhen Didichenko, Director of Innovation and Development in KNESS.
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