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Innovative electricity supply solutions for Ukrainian business by KNESS

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Electricity for Ukrainian businesses from KNESS Energy

Electricity for Ukrainian businesses from KNESS Energy, a licensed electricity supplier and trader.

The company is an experienced participant in the electricity market and a reliable electricity supplier to more than a hundred companies across Ukraine.

What benefits do our clients gain when working with us?

🔸 Optimizing electricity costs by using an indicative tariff: we constantly monitor changes in the electricity market and determine the best way for consumers to buy electricity; provide recommendations on shifting consumption schedules to cut down on electricity expenses.

🔸  Individual approach, flexible payment terms: each of our clients is assisted by a personal manager who maintains regular communication and efficiently resolves any issues that may arise.

🔸 Favorable cooperation terms: we offer a competitive electricity price, as well as innovative services and modern solutions that can have a qualitative impact on the development of the company’s business as a whole.

🔸 Transparent understanding of the tariff: we adhere to the principle of transparency in pricing, so our pricing mechanism and electricity billing are clear to consumers.

🔸 High-quality customer service: we value our partner clients’ time, so we have created convenient and helpful online services, a Personal Account on our website, and provide 24/7 online support and personal manager’s support throughout the entire cooperation.

If you are considering switching suppliers, why don’t you give it a try?

In fact, there are no legal restrictions on the number of transitions and the suppliers’ choice. To choose us as a supplier, you just need to sign an application to join, and we will handle all the other tasks.

Learn more about us and seek professional consultation – all of these options are available on our website:

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