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12 PV Sich Mobile solar stations are already generating electricity for field hospitals in eastern Ukraine

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KNESS Group has developed and currently implements mobile solar stations with electricity storage systems. The solution is designed and aimed at helping doctors in field hospitals, Defenders, and anyone who needs access to electricity anytime and anywhere. 12 PV Sich Mobile stations are already generating electricity in hospitals in eastern Ukraine on the initiative of the Association of Solar Energy of Ukraine, the European Association SolarPower Europe, and thanks to the implementation of this project by the “Energy Act for Ukraine”  foundation and the financial support of the donor BayWa r.e. Global.

Everyday life has changed. It is necessary to quickly address the challenges and develop solutions. And all those who can contribute to the solution of certain problems should help the country. Being aware of the electricity supply importance when there are problems with stable electricity supply in some regions due to hostilities, KNESS specialists have developed a solution —  mobile solar stations with electricity storage systems.

“Now there is another reality, which prompts everyone to help the country. And it is especially important to help in that niche where a person, team, or whole company are experts. We were requested to implement an autonomous energy solution that would meet critical electricity needs. We developed a mobile solar station with an electricity storage system in a few weeks and gave it to the addressee free of charge. And then we worked on several more versions, of different capacities and modifications, because we understand that now this solution can help everyone who needs access to electricity,” said Sergii Shakalov, CEO of KNESS Group.

Currently, almost 30 Sich Smart solar stations have been implemented at the request of volunteers for the Defenders’ needs. 

Also, a more powerful version of the installation called  PV Sich Mobile is being actively produced to provide electricity at the level of critical needs (the possibility of the simultaneous connection of devices up to 3 kW). Thanks to the operational organization and logistics of the Energy Act for Ukraine foundation, these installations were delivered to the recipients and are already used by field hospitals in the East of Ukraine, as a source of electricity to ensure the operation of vital medical devices, for example, ventilators, mobile operating rooms, which are in fact arranged in cars.

“Our foundation was created by Ukrainians as a response to the war in Ukraine. And for now, we have decided that it is necessary to focus on the creation of distributed generation for social and critical infrastructure, in particular, field hospitals. Solar mobile systems such as PV Sich Mobile are capable of fully providing critical electricity needs. This solar system is important because it is very easy to transport, convenient and easy to use, and generally operates silently, unlike a generator,” said Yuliana Onishchuk, CEO of the Energy Act for Ukraine foundation.

Flexibility, power autonomy, and energy independence are the challenges of nowadays. And the optimal solution to these problems is to use the RES benefits. That is why many initiatives based on RES use are already being implemented to help Ukraine in the energy field, a large share of such projects are being realized at the initiative of the Association of Solar Energy of Ukraine and the European Solar Association (SolarPower Europe).

“Solar energy in combination with storage systems can effectively provide power supply to facilities remote from the grid. That is why, together with associations, foundations, leading companies, and experts in the energy sector, we are looking for opportunities, and effective solar solutions that can partially or fully cover the need for electricity where it is critically needed in the conditions of war,” noted Artem Semenyshyn, Head of  Association of Solar Energy of Ukraine.

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