KNESS adheres to approaches of transparency and clean production on all production capacities of the Group: all plants are open for visits and traineeship

Tours to manufacturing plant

The Program of study tours to KNESS PV plant is a chance to show on the example of our company that there is no need to go abroad to see the latest technologies, realize one’s potential, be proud of your own work. Today these technologies as well as decent work, self-fulfillment, pride are right here: in your city, in your country.

Opening of KNESS PV plant caused a wide response in the community. During the first month after our opening we received over 100 requests and applications regarding visiting production facilities. So, demand for developing corporate tours arose.

Of course, our partners, clients and dealers are our frequent guests on tours. Representatives of different businesses, authorities, training institutions, public, charity, students organizations also appeal to us, as well as representatives of public enterprises of traditional power and just single persons interested in green energy and technologies – the audience is very large. We arrange free tours over production shops within education activities, workshops and conferences held in Vinnytsia.

To make the meetings maximally proactive and informatory, formation of groups, choosing a guide and a route are made according to the demands of expected visitors.

During the first 6 months after plant opening, more than 30 tours were performed. More than 600 guests from 15 world countries visited us within the program. The youngest visitor was 10 years old.

Plant workload and workshops hygienic requirements do not allow to take in guided tours every day. That is why we have scheduled one day per week for guided tours and plan them in advance.

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