KNESS supports healthy lifestyle and sport’s clean energy

TeamKNESS consists of engineers, power engineers, economists, constructors, specialists of various industries. They are people who change the future. Every day KNESS team works on creation and maintenance of megawatts from solar plants. And we need energy and power for this! We support sport’s clean energy, healthy lifestyle, active leisure activities and persistence in reaching the highest results!


The world is moved on by those who presume to dream – bravehearts who follow their goal with inspiration, whose eyes are full of excitement. Just like everyone from the KNESS team when we started to implement our dream about 100% renewable, and now when it is supported by thousands Ukrainians.

The same excitement is in the eyes of Vinnytsia guys who dreamed of playing American football when only a few people knew about its existence. Now Vinnytsia Wolves is a powerful team that includes both female and children’s teams, and a cheerleaders group. We are all united by the conviction that opportunities appear when there is a goal!

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