KNESS introduces the world of clean energy to children, gives lessons at schools and founds educational courses for young specialists in power industry

Misto Profesii

Soon solar power will become a dominating technology, so the Ukrainian job market will require many new qualified specialists. KNESS Group took part in children’s festival “Misto Profesii” where it offered children an opportunity to discover power industry jobs.

Young power industry workers had practical training sessions at KNESS stand. Experts told kids about all the mysteries of their profession. Children could control a real town: try themselves as real power system dispatchers in the town of the future that functions on solar power. With the help of a special console, kinds turned on and off the light on the streets and inside houses, switched power sources and controlled power flows.

“When I grow up, I want to be like my Dad. He is a power industry worker, so I know that it is a very important job” – said little Ivan when he got his first mark in his festival passport.

Our younger generation grows up and progresses together with the technologies, and it is important for them to know yet today what renewable power sources are and how important they are for the present and the future of the whole humankind.

Demonstration lessons for pupils

We have been dreaming about our future since childhood, trying different jobs and making plans. And then, when we graduate from school, we face serious choices: where to study further, will that job be in demand or not, will I realize my potential as an expert? How to introduce my ideas and implement them in my native country?

Very quick, very progressive – just like KNESS, they look way ahead in the future. These are the kids of ХХІ century. KNESS Group executives and co-founders talk to those children with pleasure during demo lessons, lectures and educational excursions.

These polylogues with surprise, discussions, attitudes and opinions change are called to show that sustainable business, innovations and good jobs are available in Ukraine, not just abroad! It is an opportunity for the youth to get to know the solar power industry better and choose their future profession, and see in terms of KNESS that it is really possible for recent graduates to get a cool job and build a career in Vinnytsia and Ukraine.

For KNESS it is a chance to prove new generations that there is no need to look for something better wherever, it is necessary to change the world around us. And beside this, we believe that after those meetings, someone of those young people will definitely decide to commit their life with the Sun just like KNESS did.

Meetings with students

Ukrainian students. They are passionate and proactive and looking into the future with certainty, have an active public stance. They are involved in Ukraine’s fate. They are ready to change rules and start changes from themselves. And what is the way to do this?

Ask those who already have such an experience! Successful and sustainable business is made not by “batmen” but by heroes. Heroes who share the mission and common values – and reach their goal. That is why KNESS’s top management always shares with pleasure their professional and life experience with the youth.

Such meetings are a great opportunity for the youth to ask about anything. And each of these questions contains a striving to change the country and the world. Questions about technologies, market development and power system creation. About the solar power industry, approaches of solar power generation and changes in legislation. About attracting investments, choosing focus areas and collaboration with partners, about reputation, values and support from family and friends – there is no taboo in such talks.

Investments into the youth, into a new generation are long-term investments and their dividends may come when it comes the time to pass responsibility for our country’s future into their hands. And the amount of the dividends depends on the amount of responsibility that actual executives apply in teaching the youth, on readiness to share their experience.

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