KNESS invites people for knowledge on technologies and renewables development, popularizes green focus and personal responsibility for climate changes


The aim to reach 100% renewable power for our country unites not only manufacturers of equipment for solar power plants and those who construct SPP in Ukraine. When this goal will become common for Ukraine residents, investors, public authorities – its reaching will be just a matter of time.

Abilities Camp goal is to put together everyone who can influence country’s solar power progression. That is manufacturers, consumers, experts and those interested in renewable power.

Abilities Camp included everything that is necessary to know and comprehend to pass to solar power. Here everyone could find the best deal on pv modules installation and solar power plant assemblage. The famous Ukrainian startup introduced solar shades able to provide power requirements for the whole apartment. Counseling services regarding solar power equipment installation and power saving were of great demand in consultation area. Here “solar” coffee was prepared with the use of solar collector.

Serhiy Shakalov, KNESS Group CEO:
At the present time there are great opportunities for growth on the market of solar power – and this means that all market players, startups, companies of all scales are partners in the common goal of development both our industry and Ukraine’s power system as a whole. Every Ukrainian will benefit from our work. Abilities Camp is an area of opportunities, space for dialog between everyone: manufacturers and consumers, researchers and businessmen, singers and financial experts. Together we create a new industry, new power system, new future for our country”.


Sun is the source of light, vitality and inspiration. Sun in always here for us. It’s the first thing what a kid learns to draw – orange circle and crooked beams on all sides, and below it – a house heated with it.

And besides this, where is Sun – there is brightness. Opportunity to live for own job and work close to more than 500 vivid personalities of our team. Opportunity to breath freely and firmly because we have a common goal. Opportunity to concern about what you do, feel the life as a flow. Everything you do matter not only for you and your family, but for the whole country’s success. We got accustomed to do more than others expect from us. That’s why we’ve decided to create a real journal instead of an ordinary corporative catalogue.

SUN TIMES by KNESS is not just about the Sun, it’s about opportunities, discoveries and ideas. Those who inspire us with their faith and views of life are in the journal. They tell about what they do and what they believe in with no embellishment and pathos. You may see reviews, reflections and good news about Ukraine’s and world’s success in renewable power industry progress. Every page of SUN TIMES by KNESS tells about bright people, events and thoughts, experts inspired and proud of their job and future’s vision. With this journal and all KNESS Group activity, we strive for creation of adherents’ eco-system in the development of new power industry – the power industry of the future, for research and introduction of new technologies to reach power independence and power availability. This journal is for those who think in the same way we do, who is ready to invest time and inspiration to move closer to SUN TIMES.

Wish to glance into the future and have new ideas?
We are always open for a dialogue.
Write us on and join to formation of a community of those who believe into power industry of the future and do it themselves!

Light power

“Light power is a cycle of educational films where power market experts, eco-activists and researchers tell about power industry and together search for ways to develop country’s power system. And it was important for KNESS to support this project so that every Ukrainian could learn about clean renewable power.
Staff of “Light power” project visited Ukrainian cities and towns that already took the path to light power, pass to renewable sources or construct power cooperatives. Filmmakers search for answers to question where Ukrainians will take power from if 80% of generating capacities of NPP and CHP may shut down at any time. And this can really happen because most nuclear reactors and heating stations have exhausted their project design working life.

“Light power” – is about history and future of Ukrainian power industry, about energy and people who move the world forward. About what our future can be if humanity chooses light power. About what makes houses and their owners “smart” and how a smart country gets composed of smart houses. About how solar generation works, who manufactures equipment, how to construct an own station and why all of us should think about it. About light people that are united by a common goal – movement for saving our planet and struggle against climate changes.

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