KNESS opens to people the world that chooses decarbonization and transition to clean energy

The journey for the Sun

Serhii Tolstikhin with his beloved Yuliia Mazur went on a cycle-travel over Europe to find out how green power is used in Europe’s 22 countries and tell Europeans about Ukraine. They have been riding a green transport -that is bicycles for 80 days over green tourism routes, and on the way they were exploring the renewables in those countries.

During the journey, travelers used solar power only to charge their electronic gadgets. For this purpose, they brought a special bicycle trailer equipped with a pv module.

During meetings and lectures in each country, Serhii and Yuliia met eco-activists, renewable industry members and Ukrainian diaspora in order to tell them about Ukrainians’ choice to use the renewable power, appealed for cooperation and investment into Ukrainian solar power projects, and discovered the experience of Europeans in renewables development. Travelers put into effect their new experience to develop civil society, renewable power industry and green tourism in Ukraine.

“When we got acquainted with Serhii Tolstikhin, we understood at once that he goes towards the Sun like we do. His journey aims to explore the renewables condition in European countries, and he also reveals a story about Ukraine that strives for the same future like other European countries – 100% renewable generation. Of course we became friends and supported Serhii’s great idea with pleasure” – Ivan Vekirchyk, KNESS Co-Founder.

The flag on the top of the world

When there is a goal – opportunities appear by themselves – this KNESS’s belief is truly shared by a company’s friend Dmytro Venslavovskyi. Together with 3 friends from the alpinism team he decided to climb 8 thousand meters on Karakoram Range, one of the highest mountain systems of the Earth!

It was a clear decision for KNESS to support the expedition as Dmytro does almost the same that the group of companies does. Climbing the top of 100% renewable power for Ukraine is the same challenge, but opportunities appear when there is a goal !

KNESS activity and alpinism are very similar. Both of them go towards the Sun. Start creating solar power industry is as hard as reaching the top of mountains.

We all go up. Step by step, persistently, overcoming obstacles. The way to the Sun is always complicate, but it is important for people and for the whole county to pass it!

Expedition “Closer to the Sun” had lasted for 50 days, and the country followed the journey full of adventures, dangers and complicated decisions on KNESS Facebook page.

Dmytro Venslavovskyi: “Solar technologies seem to have been supporting us over the whole pathway to Karakoram Range. As soon as civilization was over, we started taking power from portable pv panels that are an indispensable item of expedition equipment”

Ukrainian national team consisting of four alpinists finished with success their breathtaking expedition – reaching the top of the mountain height over 8000 m! This story is about insistence, dream and opportunities.

KNESS and Ruslana invited Europeans to transfer to clean energy

The most popular European singing competition became the site that a famous Ukrainian singer, Eurovision-2004 winner, Ruslana Lyzhychko used for appealing to Europeans. During her solo recital in Eurovision Village that took place before Eurovision 2018 final, the singer announced KNESS message - “Abilities are here” and called everyone to switch to renewable power.

Serhii Shakalov, CEO, KNESS Group:
“Together with Ruslana we have a common idea – power should be safe, available and free. Besides vigorous songs, an important message from Ukraine to Europe sounded from Eurovision stage: we have the ambitious goal to switch to 100% renewable power. The more people believe in 100% renewable and start thinking and acting towards this direction, the faster this goal will be reached”.

“My activity is not limited by solely appeals, – Ruslana says. – I support and take part in our partner KNESS Group initiative – foundation of educational project “ABILITIES ARE HERE”. If Ukraine’s leader in constructing solar power plants believes in possibility of Ukraine to switch to 100% renewable power – we have no reasons for doubt, it is truly real!”

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